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Get the facts on GUT HEALTH for pregnancy & motherhood

We all pretty much know that when your tummy is unhappy you are pretty unhappy as it can affect you in myriad of physical and emotional ways. To get the facts on gut health Nutritionist, Naturopath and Women’s Health Specialist Georgia Marrion provides some expert tips on navigating gut health in the video below

Get the Gut Health facts including …

Watch the video above and get the facts on gut health to help you navigate

  • The symptoms of poor gut health
  • What other non food factors affect gut health
  • How a healthy gut isn’t just about avoiding foods that trigger inflammation, but consuming foods that nourish it.
  • Some of the easiest, most accessible foods to help nourish the gut
  • How you should feel when your gut is working better

Protein for Immunity & Gut Health

A healthy immune system begins with a healthy body. It maintains homoeostasis by defending against viruses and bacteria, which can cause inflammation, illness and disease. 

To have a strong immune system you need a daily supply of quality protein
Research studies have shown that deficiency of high-quality protein can result in depletion of immune cells, inability to make antibodies, and other immune-related problems. 
This is incredibly important to remember during pregnancy and postpartum.
Why ? 
As protein is pretty much the building block of life.

Every cell in yours and your baby’s growing body requires protein. Just think about all the cells that are growing during pregnancy, or healing post birth, protein is a major nutrient so supplies to support this must be adequate.

Even marginally low protein intake may impair immune function. An increase of 34% protein is required when a bub is growing inside your or during breastfeeding and healing post birth !

Now eating an extra steak or a dozen daily eggs is often not ideal if you are tired and nauseous. So to meet the daily protein requirements I highly recommend a #nonasties pregnancy and breastfeeding safe protein supplement. And yes..one that I personally trusted was hard to come by !!! Read more here why.


Protein Supplies Australia
Contains no added fillers, artificial stuff or sugar alcohols …its safe for your and your baby.
An Australian brand designed that is high in the essential amino acid cystine, which is essential in the production of the body’s master antioxidant glutathione. 
show that glutathione is vital for boosting immune function, eliminating free radicals from our body and protecting us from everyday environmental pollutants. 
Best of all it tastes great.

Improve your gut health and boost your protein intake with dairy free collagen powder or a #nonasties protein powder by the Healthy Chef perfect for healing postpartum and safe to use during pregnancy.

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Want some more nutrition tips to help improve your gut health – grab my complimentary NUTRITION GUIDE for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Motherhood here