Exercise & nutrition is a way to connect to your body. Not a tool to change it !

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Pre-kids I used to kill myself in the gym doing crazy hours of cardio and intense exeruse because I thought I HAD to in order to see results. I have experienced not only my leanest, but my happiest, most fulfilling self through slowing down and learning to connect to my body better both physically and mentally.

Its about a relationship with your body, not a number of reps !

This is why I believe that a happy, healthy body starts with your mindset, not just meal plan and movements.

This is the ethos behind BodyFabulous


Exercise and Nutrition is an awesome way to connect to your body and is not just a tool to change it.

After over 2 decades in the fitness industry I learned (the hard way) 
typical “more reps, less food” programs….do not create sustainable and long term results ! (more on my journey here)

My goal is as you go on a journey with me during pregnancy, postpartum or any stage of motherhood you learn to accept and love yourself fully for who you are – without comparison or pressure #contractofnocomparison


Then by using this loving, positive mindset you will discover a way to exercise that is incredibly fun (especially with music), feels amazing and makes you actually WANT to do it.

Are you ready to come along for the ride with me and try something new?

I know that this might be the first time you’ve tried Pilates, used weights or moved your body during pregnancy or post birth ?

Or maybe your a Mama (or grandmother) and had a big break from exercise ?

I also know you might be used to trying to DIY your own workouts and wondering the whole time if you’re doing the right thing. 
(Secretly wanting help and maybe feeling awkward to ask).

Trust me- I know how this feels too !
It’s a massive drain on your enjoyment and motivation for working out.

However following my unique movement strategies called the BFABMETHOD this won’t happen again
I am here to help you build strength, slow down or get an extra boost of motivation. 


Whatever you need to take the next step on your BFAB journey and fall in love with working out and nourishing yourself, I am here to provide that to you.

Why I left my corporate career to do this ?

Because, believe me, when you feel positively amazing about exercise, yourself and your body, every result you have ever imagined is achievable. This allows you to fully experience the incredible adventure that pregnancy, motherhood and life is meant to be !

Sound right ? then this is the perfect time learn more on how we can work together here

Including :

1:1 Bespoke Coaching, Pregnancy Workshops, Mums and Bubs Sessions, my online program BFABMETHOD and much more

Or reach out here if you have any questions

Get ready for motivation, nutrition with no dogma, live support, a variety of workouts including resistance, functional fitness, safe cardio, pilates (that energise instead of depleting you) birth prep, core restore, meditations and MORE !


This can ALL accessible on-demand, anywhere, anytime.
Plus is suitable for any trimester, any level of fitness and ANY stage of motherhood.

I am excited to go on this journey with you.


P.S Here is a short quiz where you can gain unique, useful insights to give you clarity for your fitness and wellness journey – no matter what trimester, level of fitness or stage of motherhood you are at !

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About Dahlas

Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers. Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out.

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