Are you consistently inconsistent?


Did you know one of the things that puts us at the greatest risk for injury and can actually HINDER progression and results …inconsistency.


This is partly because it creates a mindset and makes us think when I “get back on track” I will have to go “harder” than before as “I skipped a session” or “ate bad food”

And you may think to yourself, “Well at least I’ve been training a bit…I’ve done this intense stuff in the past…so I should be fine”

Why inconsistency leads to injury

An inconsistent workout routine makes you believe you “deserve” harder moves and more intense workouts than your body can truly handle.

While YES  may be able to “do” a move, or lift a weight, or run that far it ..

A. Doesn’t mean you have the proper recruitment patterns (which occurs when training inconsistently) and..

B. Doesn’t mean your connective tissue (especially in the core and pelvic floor during and after pregnancy) are actually ready to handle the load or the volume (which to be honest they won’t be ready because a proper foundation has not been built).

Training inconsistently and going 0-100% in that first session is like starting to build your house frame on quicksand instead of first pouring a solid foundation. 

It’s basically a recipe for disaster.


Why a consistent and progressive strategy is essential

So as much as it kinda sux, as much as you want to go intense right from the start because you’ve done hard workouts in the past, or you are super excited to get moving, you HAVE to start with those basics and build.
Just like with a simple move such as Biceps


Take your ego out of it and create that solid foundation so you can move and feel better !

Patience is hard but it’s key and remember pregnancy and recovery is temporary but damage can be long term

How to create a consistent workout routine during pregnancy and motherhood:

Want to learn how to exercise safely, effectively, and consistently ?

How to enjoy your workouts and want to “keep going” no matter what trimester you are in or level of fitness you have…just like my client Marion did with her prenatal HIIT workouts?


Here’s the truth and my philosophy. I believe exercise is a fabulous way to connect to your body rather than just a tool to change it.

Pre-kids I used to kill myself in the gym doing crazy hours of cardio and intense training because I thought I HAD to in order to see results. After 3 pregnancies I have experienced not only my leanest, but my happiest, most fulfilling self through my unique method of movement.


I believe it takes a simple proven strategy based on evidence and experience that feels good. That also prioritizes your energy levels (as every day during pregnancy and motherhood you wake up with a different body) and expands your mindset to achieve these kinds of results.

And I am ready to help you achieve this with my 12 week BodyFabulous Bespoke Coaching. Learn more here


Connect with me and let me tell you more


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About Dahlas

Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers. Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out.

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