The secret to avoiding back pain


Back pain is very common before during and after pregnancy. At least 10% of the world’s adult population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives, with nearly 1/3 of all female adults suffering from lower back pain (compared to only a quarter of males). This includes a staggering 50% of pregnant women having significant backache

*Source Back & Pain Center Michigan Med


Exercise can improve back pain

Back pain is extremely common for ALL bodies but it doesn’t need to be. I regularly work with clients who suffer minimal or zero back pain during pregnancy and at all stages of motherhood.


Got back pain ?

The secret is strengthening and lengthening the body plus giving your deep core priority.

Try these three simple tips :

  1. Check your Posture & Pelvic Tilt

Shoulders hunched & butt tucked under will turns off the glutes & hamstrings. As the pelvis shifts the hips forward it makes the core become inactive equals more lower back strain.

Restack that posture, eyes up & neutral pelvis …see how much better that feels ?

  1. Strengthen & Lengthen – both are equally important as …

When muscles are TIGHT no amount of strengthening is going to release those nasty pockets of tension!

When muscles are WEAK no amount of stretching alone is going to support the body & fix muscle imbalances & bad body biomechanics!

So the COMBINATION of both is equally important during any trimester & all stages of motherhood (…into grandmother-hood too).


Movement, mobility & resistance training (which includes bodyweight) is a fabulous combo for the WHOLE body to prevent & ease back pain.

Plus please make sure you are not confusing pelvic pain / pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy and postnatally with lower back pain. More on that here.


3. Finally, BREATHE.
How are you breathing?
Minimise stress – lengthen your breath into your diaphragm and tap into your PNS parasympathetic nervous system. Stress is tension and this can be held in your lower back and pelvic floor (as both of these areas are connected to your diaphragm).


Grab my complimentary CORE BREATH infographic here

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