How to create Core integrity


It’s so important to move in DIFFERENT ways to build CORE integrity. This means that crunches, sit ups and planks are not the only way to train the core. Deep and functional core training is also not only limited to pregnant or post birth women, it is essential for ALL BODIES !


Oh so you offer CORE training for pregnant and post natal women only ?

Sometimes there is a misconception when I say what I do… “I’m a Pregnancy & Women’s Exercise Specialist”… I often get this response “oh so you do Pilates for pregnancy and mums ?”

Yes, Pilates is one of the modalities I am certified in – but I don’t prescribe this as the ONLY approach to exercise (I also don’t just train only train mums). What I offer is a combination of what has personally worked for me (and what I still do) and what I have learned from 20 yrs experience and science – I call it my BFABMETHOD.


Do you know exactly what the CORE is ?

The foundation of my BFABMETHOD is to discover where you are moving from within the CORE, which includes EVERYTHING located between the shoulder blades to the pelvic floor!


Are you just hinging, crunching or bracing or is this all you think of when it comes to core training? If so this is likely not creating optimal movement throughout the ENTIRE segment of the core.

Here are some other ways to consider CORE MOVEMENT

Balance – standing/moving / lifting on a single leg or
Moving sitting on a Fitball as when doing this your body is imbalanced & having to recruit a lot more muscle activation including the core.

Stability – move the limbs both arms & legs without tilting the pelvis or crunching as this IS still recruiting the core!
Try some moves on your back like in this video below tune into what responses you get in your WHOLE trunk (including back & spine).

Motor Control – how does the lower core / transverse abdominals recruit does this activate before your hip flexors? If that happens there is likely minimum motor control and the lower core is not working optimally.
Try lying on your backsliding the feet out (or if no diastasis recti progress to dead bugs) to help you discover.

Strength– there is evidence that a full-body strength training program helps back pain as the whole core is recruited!
This means resistance is an important part of core training

Finally, brain, body and breath connection and repatterning neural pathways to support this.


As movement is not just physical it is mental plus the core is connected to the diaphragm. Grab my core breath infographic HERE to help guide you

Want to workout with me I have online programs, virtual sessions and group + 1:1 coaching. Something for everyone at every stage of motherhood right here

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Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers. Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out.

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