7 Female Fitness Myths

female fitness myths

Here are 7 common female fitness myths that need to be debunked.

1. Stop forcing down 4L OF WATER PER DAY – you might be flushing important minerals tune into your thirst cues, sip as you need (your bladder will also thank you).

2. Exercise does not reduce your baby’s milk supply or change the taste of it (unless you are an elite athlete doing daily vigorous exercise). If you are embarking on postnatal exercise ensure you are also nourishing or fuelling yourself appropriately.

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3. CARDIO at varying intensities provides different benefits, but like anything, it can be overdone + is one of the most common ways enthusiastic exercisers get injured including pelvic pain during pregnancy! A variety of exercises incl resistance training is going to give you far more benefits


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4. KEGELS are NOT the only way to “train” your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is like any other muscle in the body, excessive Kegels will not make up for the lack of function in the surrounding core and whole body…as it’s all connected!


5. If you “don’t USE it, you LOSE it” – meaning it’s NEVER TOO LATE, to have a better functioning core. This also won’t be achieved with a billion crunches – as the core is way more than a 6pack ! Read here about how I train Emma and her Mum (who is a grandmother and cancer survivor)


6. FOOD is to be enjoyed and to nourish our bodies. Restricting certain foods or creating guilt around them with “good or bad” labels only creates a lifetime of challenges including yo-yo dieting! Go for balance and remember children are watching & listening to you…let’s break this cycle.

7. There is no denying that post-birth is exhausting and there is a lot of healing to be done. However, motherhood is physical so there are gentle exercises and movements that can be done to help support your healing journey before the 6 WEEK check-up, I include these in my Postnatal Fabulous Online program or workout out with me 1:1 learn more here

Got any other myths you shouldn’t believe?

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