What makes Dahlas’ BFABMETHOD different ?


As fully certified and experienced pregnancy and women’s exercise specialist, my passion is to help all women be the happiest, most fabulous version of themselves. My philosophy is to use exercise as a way to connect better to body rather than just a tool to change it.

I provide real solutions, that have helped thousands of women to cherish their bodies before and during pregnancy – plus throughout the lifetime of motherhood….that’s right I train grandmothers with their daughters too !


What type of workouts do you do?

This a common question I am often asked. What I offer is a combination of what has personally worked for me (and what I still do) and what I have learned from 20 yrs experience and science – I call it my BFABMETHOD TM

THE BFABMETHOD follows 4 simple steps:

B reathe your way to a better core
F unctional training & Nutrition
A bs are not the only part of the core
B ody Mind connection for birth and beyond


What I have learned from 20 years experience plus science…

I began in the fitness industry at age 17 and continued to instruct group fitness classes and coach a variety of people 1:1 throughout my corporate career in marketing. Also pre-kids I used to really deplete myself doing crazy hours of cardio, intense training and minimal food because I thought I HAD to in order to see results. After 3 pregnancies, I have experienced not only my leanest, but my happiest, most fulfilling self through my unique method of movement.


I offer more than Pilates

Sometimes there is a misconception when I say what I do.. “I’m a Pregnancy & Women’s Exercise Specialist”…then I often get this response “oh so you do Pilates for pregnancy and mums ?”

Yes Pilates is one of the mdodalities I am certified in – but I don’t prescribe this as the ONLY approach to exercise.

What I believe ALL women need to try to include in their training strategies…

When I say all women – this includes women who are trying to conceive, recovering from injury, are pregnant or have had a baby 6 weeks, 6 months or 20 plus years ago ! This is what I believe all women need to include for safe and effective movement :

Resistance / weight training to get strong – there is lots of lifting during motherhood plus resistance based training which includes weights, bands, bodyweight and more, is important to improve bone density as we age fabulously !


✔ Elements of Pilates and functional based movement, as most women need to slow down and learn to connect to their deep core. This goes beyond just a focus getting a 6 pack or trying with Kegels for a “strong pelvic floor” #outdated (here is why) WHOLE body approach is essential – for a an optimal core and to prevent and heal diastasis recti and pelvic floor concerns


✔ Appropriate, safe and effective cardio to feel energized and for endorphins – this can be achieved without having to run a marathon ! What worked for me during my 3 pregnancies and after were fabulous and fun FITBALL workouts which allow for dynamic exercise without compromising your back, pelvic floor, hips and core. I call this my CORE CARDIO method. I teach this method at my face to face Brisbane Pregnancy Exercise Workshops , also for all women at any age and location in my BESPOKE Coaching it is an important part of my B.F.A.B METHOD success path (as pictured below).


Yoga moves and mobility training as who isn’t tight and sore somewhere and everyBODY needs to create more space in their body

Breath work, the foundation to activate the pelvic floor and core muscles and give you a better birth and recovery. Plus to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system which in the long run helps to burn fat ! I truly believe you can breathe your way to a better core.

Alignment interventions to improve posture, biomechanics


Nutrition – by an expert that fuels you and makes you feel good without spending hours in the kitchen. Grab my complimentary nutrition guide here.

✔ Proven mental strategies which are the foundation of motivation and creating neural pathway connections. Most people don’t know that when they are exercising or moving their bodies, they are also working out their nervous system as well. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to continually change or re-mould just like plasticine and exercise can influence how this happens.


Confidence and Fun because if you are not having fun while the happy hormones / endorphonins are being released during exercise it is very hard to stay motivated. I love exercise to music as science has proven people get 28% enjoyment out their workout while moving to energising and upbeat music. Plus all women of all ages feel more confident if their deep core and pelvic floor is given optimal movement strategies.

How can I workout or train with you ?

I truly believe your fitness and nutrition program does not need to be overwhelming regardless of your age, fitness level or if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, recovering post birth, returning to exercise after a hiatus or navigating an injury including pelvic floor or core concerns.


There are many ways you can train and connect with me….


  • I offer 1:1 PERSONAL TRAINING – face to face here in Brisbane and I have many virtual clients interstate and overseas including Singapore, Canada, Scotland, USA and more !
  • Enquire RIGHT HERE and I will send you my current pricing and packages


  • Want a BESPOKE exercise and nutrition program with 1:1 expertise and experience by me and a clinical nutritionist, Plus stay motivated and accountable with a like minded group of females. Apply for my BESPOKE Group Coaching HERE.
  • Limited numbers only – suitable for any location, age or stage of motherhood
  • This program is perfect if you are returning to exercise post birth, have had a long hiatus from movement or are struggling to know what is personally suitable for you as you navigate, aches, pains, leaking, perimenopause, diastasis or other niggles which are NOT just the “new normal” of motherhood and aging.


  • My Face to Face PREGNANCY WORKSHOP which includes goodie bags, plus access to my online fitball workouts so you can continue all your learn in the comfort of your own home.
  • MUMS AND BUBS Face to Face Classes – bring your baby to class and safely return to exercise post birth.


  • Need a fun and dynamic trainer for your Office, Mothers Group, Hen’s party or next event ?
  • Hire me for your private group sessions in person or virtually via Zoom get in contact HERE about a personalized quote, this can be held at your venue or I can arrange a venue.
  • I have been instructing a variety of Group Fitness Sessions (including BodyPump, Step, Pilates, Spin, Circuit classes, TRX and more) for over 20 years and have a background in marketing have so would love to motivate and nurture your group or make your event unique and memorable !




I have been featured in a variety of publications and in various forms of media including podcasts.

dahlas-fletcher-as-seen-in-collaborate-wellness-blogger- podcast guest-fitness events

With my background in both fitness and media/marketing and as a previous multi-venue fitness studio owner I can offer a range of brand partnership opportunities such as brand ambassadorships, sponsored posts, public speaking, advertising,  guest blogging, social media campaigns, guest fitness classes, vlog and podcast interviews, retreats and more !

I believe in working with brand partners that empower women to feel their best plus share my passion for a healthy living and lifestyle. GET IN TOUCH HERE and let’s collaborate. You can also stalk me here and see where I have been featured and check me out on INSTAGRAM here ;}



I believe in the power of conversation and love to hear from you. Let’s start something new and explore opportunities together – regardless if you live in Australia or Overseas.

Book in for a DISCOVERY CHAT with me here

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About Dahlas

Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers. Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out.

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