Doing the minimum can make a macro difference to your progress


We always want to do EVERYTHING possible to get results, but sometimes, you just have to do the minimum. Because as the MICRO, as the MACRO

My client Nikki (mama of 2) who has been focusing on small micro-adjustments & noticing a BIG or macro difference as she goes about her day, watch the video below to learn why

The micro or minimum is enough to keep moving forward !

Too often our “all or nothing” attitude is what holds us back from making progress. I know this from personal experience learn more here.

It’s consistency, (not binary thinking aka all or nothing), that gets us lasting results and truly creates habits we can sustain.


Sure from an “action” standpoint, doing more of the habits we need all at once is better. However, from a mental standpoint, most people CAN’T realistically maintain ALL of the habits with everything we have going on (especially on the journey through pregnancy and motherhood)

This is why LESS is MORE…

Doing the minimum keeps us moving forward. Remember, that the more we do, the MORE we DO – both when it comes to taking action and when it comes to our lack of action.


So if we overwhelm ourselves with all of the things we SHOULD do? Often we end up doing nothing. Also during pregnancy and postnatal recovery it is important to keep in mind that just because you could, does not mean you should. Modifications are important and should not be perceived as “too easy” – grab my complimentary modifications cheat sheet here


We we doing nothing, we do…well…more of nothing

Agree ?

Whereas if we do something, even something seemingly simple and small like unlocking your knees which I asked Nikki to focus on (see video above) we can actually tune into feeling the difference & then keep ourselves moving forward.

This then leads to wanting to do more and then easily adding on (with less injury) when we DO get the chance

It’s a progressive & sustainable strategy I use with all my clients & why many still train with me 5+ years after pregnancy and birth.

As science says, an object in motion tends to more easily stay in motion. Too often when habits diminish this then turns too an all or nothing approach – then burnout or injury !

Please focus on changing your mindset to one of appreciating and doing the MINIMUM. Trust me it’s works & you can start NOW …then continue for a lifetime !


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