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Modifying is Not Cheating

Are high-intensity movements giving you back, knee or hip pain? Or maybe incontinence or pelvic floor concerns? Many workout programs default to the following exercises – burpees, jump squats, step-ups / box jumps or sprint intervals to help get your heart rate up and increase the intensity.

Nothing wrong with that – unless you are ignoring any of the symptoms above in the name of “increasing your fitness” or have the mindset that “modifying is cheating” or “too easy” !


Modifications Cheat Sheet

You CAN, however, still increase the intensity of your exercises without increasing the impact…or causing long term injuries.⠀

Grab my complimentary modifications cheat sheet here and follow the tips below …


Here are some NEW ways to up the intensity!

Mindset– try not to think modifications are NOT cheating or being lazy
Non-traditional CARDIO – have access to a rower or bike? Great. If not, try movement on a supportive FITBALL this can reduce the impact on your pelvic floor, hips & lower back plus challenge the deep core.

Mix up the TEMPO– try different times within the rep or make your reps slower & longer – time under tension is a great way to increase the intensity.
LIFT lighter for longer – If you have access to weights or bands (or a couple of cans of beans) can you improve your endurance with longer rounds of movement, with lighter resistance without losing form.

INTERVAL training – doing TABATA over a steady-state can lift your conditioning can really help increase your heart rate – Check out my safe & effective HIIT workouts here.


Want to enjoy your workouts 28% more ?

MUSIC According to a recent study you can get 28% enjoyment out of your workout while moving to energising music. I absolutely love exercise to music it’s a great way to incorporate all of the above especially tempo plus it’s fun and doesn’t really feel like a chore of a workout

Sound good and are you ready to mix up your workouts and switch your mindset from “modifying is cheating” – during pregnancy, postpartum or any stage of motherhood ?
Check out my 1:1 coaching, group sessions, workshops & online programs in HERE!