How to Maximize Your Cardio Training


The first question I have for you is: why do you do CARDIO? Many women correlate doing loads of cardio with losing loads of weight… this is one myth that needs to be BUSTED.

Excessive Cardio can inhibit fat loss

Excessive cardio can actually inhibit fat loss due to raised cortisol levels.
Plus can result in injury ….which can totally inhibit consistency, which is the secret to success.

One of my favourite ways to enhance cardio workouts (without compromising the core or pelvic floor) is to weave in a change in tempo, direction and alignment which actually promotes deep core activation core cardio.

This type of movement doesn’t have to take a lot of time to be super effective.

Here are 4 ways to easily MAXIMIZE your cardio routine:

1. Switch up Double Leg Jump type movements (e.g jump rope, box jumps etc) for SIDEWAYS movement, this is going to reduce intra-abdominal pressure and ensure you can move for longer (without leaking).

2. Increase the INTENSITY of sideways movement by lifting arms and legs higher (curl foot to butt OR add a knee lift)…exhale on the lift and your core gets in on the action! (as the deep core is connected to the diaphragm).


3. Try a FITBALL as it’s fabulous for supporting the back, hips with higher impact style moves such as jacks, knees lifts etc (just make sure it’s inflated correctly hips should be higher than knees)

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4. Get down low and SHUFFLE sideways – we spend so much time in the frontal plane (leaning over phones, desks, prams etc) so a challenge in direction, also challenges the body.

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