You weren't put on this earth to do crazy hours of exercise, starve yourself and not have fun !

Tired of the up and down roller coaster when it comes to navigating health and fitness - especially as you journey through motherhood ? Somewhere along the way you fell out of love with exercise, lost confidence or have spent far too long trying to DIY solutions. Sound right ?

You're in the right place, then. It's time to develop a positive relationship with your body that fills you with confidence and joy. That begins now simply by reading my blog...

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Why pay for Personal Training ?

“I don’t understand why you are paying someone to personally train you on something you could just do yourself !”These…

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What makes Dahlas’ BFABMETHOD different ?

As fully certified and experienced pregnancy and women’s exercise specialist, my passion is to help all women be the happiest,…

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If it doesn’t make your feel FABULOUS don’t do it !

Unfortunately for too long the fitness/diet industry as set unrealistic expectations around #bodyfat and exercise for women for far too long. These…

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SWIISH – Evidence based wellness that works

I recently travelled to my hometown Sydney and caught up with founders & sisters  Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett at…

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Just because you COULD doesn’t mean you SHOULD – for postpartum exercise

Some days I want to shout from the rooftops, that just because you COULD doesn’t mean you SHOULD when it…

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Embracing Your Body, Postpartum and Beyond

We invite you to join us in normalising the concept of loving the skin that you are in and loving your reflection when you take a look in the mirror each and every morning.

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Here is a simple postnatal lower core deep core connection workout for you to try at home. Follow my cues in the video…

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Instagram Reels for Pregnancy and Post Natal Mamas

So I have been having a bit of FUN lately on Instagram Reels ! I love movement and music so…

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Why progress not perfection is the key to results

Perfection really is the enemy of progress. So often we feel we need to be perfect to get results. But really often…

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About Dahlas

Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful certified and experienced Pregnancy and Female Fitness Trainers. Her goal is to help you be the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out.

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